14Nov, 18 November 14, 2018Motorcycle

1. Freedom

Unique freedom is to get on your bike and ride. It’s freedom like no other, there’s nothing holding you back and the gentle touch of a cool breeze on your face, feels like flying. A slight howl from the wind. A refreshing smell in the air and the sense of sound is a different world.

2. Passion

Other sets of people ride it for passion, and a way to relieve stress to “clear their minds” and takes away all the tension and stress like you have rebooted your system. You feel free from the world, you feel unstoppable, riding is a passion, it’s a joy, it’s a stress reliever, and it’s a way of life

3. Peace

The feeling is like no other feelings when you riding a motorcycle brings a sense of calm and ease to your mind, body, and soul, which could be achieved otherwise only through meditation. Also, many riders refer to their bike as their therapist, as motorcycles make you feel energized and refreshed after each ride.

4. Fun

Motorcycles are fun to ride. There is a lot of entertainment filled within it that awaits you to get it out. Zigzag ride in the slow-moving traffic, wheelies, and stoppies by just playing with the throttle and weight balance. It can make you fly in the air on those humps and make you swing on those curves.

5. Easy Peasy

You’ll save a bundle at the pump. For most riders, a motorcycle is a cheaper and more convenient mode of transportation in the city, which causes less commuter congestion within cities and has a less environmental impact.



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