Rev up a revolution

The latest and most advanced in the electric motorcycle

That's all the motorcycle is, a system of concepts worked out in steel

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  • Fast Charge

    Fast Charge

    Up to 150 km, 20 minutes
  • Normal Charge

    Normal Charge

    Up to 150 km, 75 minutes
  • Fast charge

    Fast charge

    Specific charging station
  • Normal charge

    Normal charge

    Every where

Save up to 90% of your fuel cost by using our electric vehicle everyday



  • 01


    It has a top speed of around 125 km per hour. The performance is equivalent to 200 cc petrol engine motorcycle
  • 02


    A fully charged bike has a range of 100 - 150 km depending on road conditions and individual riding style
  • 03

    Easy Charge

    Charging concern does not exist. Charge it anywhere in 75 minutes through inbuild charger.
  • 04

    Fast Charge

    Super-fast charging takes only 20 minutes in the charging stations.



$260 millions

Daily saving money on fuel

1300 electric vehicles

Sold every day in the world

Get your

charging cards

Easy prepaid charging and amazing monthly subscription to charge the vehicle anywhere

Easy charging with ready-made solution

Home charging

Home charging

  • Charging station for home
  • Charge point setting
  • Free Support
  • 1 year hardware warranty
  • Control charging from mobile app
Public point

Public point

  • Public charging station
  • Charging in parking station
  • Park Pay and Charge
  • Open membership
  • Control charging from mobile app
Commercial systems

Commercial systems

  • Commercial charging station
  • Charge point setting
  • Premium Support
  • 3 year hardware warranty
  • Control charging from mobile app
Our mission:

Work for India's Vision 100% Electric nation

Believe the Unbelievable charging station in every street and house

Be ready to download the app.

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